How to keep your family from not going crazy during a lockdown

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

We currently find ourselves in some rather daunting times and here at Jumping Stars we may not be open to bringing you our dedicated mobile creche services, but that doesn't mean that we are not here to help you with some of our friendly and useful advice.

It does seem rather fitting that we take this opportunity to help you with something that is probably affecting many families at the moment. So, with this in mind, we have put together the best ways that we think you can keep your family from going crazy during this lockdown period.

Have a routine but remember a free play

It is a really good idea to have a routine when you are all at home together. Having a schedule makes sure that you have an idea of how your day will plan out and will also limit the chance that your child will head for screen time when they are “bored”. That said, whilst a routine is important, you do need to ensure that you have some free playtime on the schedule, as this is vital for keeping your child happy and smiling. A routine will also reassure your child and keep them calm when they may otherwise feel anxious and a little unsettled. Toys you can buy for your children to develop different skills are as follows:

For Communication and Language Development you can buy toys like:

- Puppets, Puzzles, Telephones, Sound Book, etc

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

- Doctors Medical Play Set, Baby Doll, Garage Toys, Ambulance Car Toy etc


- Magnetic Shapes, Puzzle Numbers, Magic Rubik's Cube Set, etc

Understanding of the World

- Role Play Supermarket Set Superstore Shop, Kids Apron and Chef's Hats, Bedtime Meditation for Kids, Floating Globe With LED Lights

Physical Development

- Balloons, Hula Hoops, Physical Circuit Toy, Ribbons

Expressive Art and Design

- Art and Crafts Set, Play dough, Origami Paper Handcraft Paper and much more,

Get outside

Of course, there are limitations of how much you can get outside, but, the thing to remember here is that outside is more than just being out in a park or in an open space. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, then it is a great idea to put some chairs out there and sit out in the fresh air. However, if you are limited to outdoor space then it might just be a good idea to open up a window or door and let the fresh air in that way. l also reassure your child and keep them calm when they may otherwise feel anxious and a little unsettled.

Look after yourself as a parent

There is a good chance that you are going to feel that you are burning the candle at both ends when it comes to being a parent, a teacher and maybe still working from home too. This means that you need to do the best that you can to take care of yourself as well as the rest of your family. A good way to do this is to encourage some separate family time during the day. It doesn’t have to belong, even just 10 minutes is enough, but being able to escape all the madness is going to help you to feel a lot happier and brighter.

Don’t feel guilty about screen time or anything for that matter

One thing that is going to be commonplace at the moment is those feelings of parent guilt. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you stop yourself from feeling guilty. There isn’t much that you can do right now in order to get yourself out and about, so if you can just be a little kinder to yourself then this is going to have a positive impact on your overall mental health. This includes feeling guilty if you allow your children to screen time or if you let them eat some unhealthy treats during the day.

Some ideas and activities to do with your children:

- PE with Joe Wicks.

- Simple Art and Craft

- Free Online Cooking Classes

- Story Time


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