Wedding crèche

Jumping Stars designs the perfect day for you and your little guest. We create our services in close collaboration with you, we listen to your needs, and we make sure everything it's in place for your big day.


Our professional team will assess the environment where the children will spend their time during your event and will engage children in age-appropriate activities.

All our staff members are well trained to respect and follow all the health and safety requirements.

Everyone here at Jumping Stars is taking the new guidance and regulations very seriously. 


One of our priorities at Jumping Stars is for all the children to have fun. We provide interactive resources such as thematic art and craft, playdough, cars, puzzles, board games, parachute games, balloons, dance games with pompoms or the limbo dance and much more.


We understand how important is the event and will make sure everything will run smoothly for you to have a memorable day.