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Are you looking for homeschooling educator?

Are you a busy parent struggling to keep a work-life balance under control? You want to be able to work from home, be productive and feel less guilty knowing that your child or children are well looked after, challenged and learning something new every day?

During these times when parents are not sure if their children will start school or not, we have decided to offer a homeschooling service that will give parents that peace of mind and to feel less overwhelmed by all the changes in their life.

Working from home?

Working from home is not easy, but here at Jumping Stars, we're pivoting our services towards your needs.

If you have children under the age of 12 years old and you're not sure if they follow an academic programme that will help them learn and progress in their development.

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What do we do?

A free quote regarding this type of service will be given after we set up a Zoom/Video Chat meeting or a face -to - face appointment where all the safety requirements are taken into consideration.

For the zoom/video chat meetings, or if you prefer a face - to - face meeting, our DBS check, a qualified staff member, will look for the following details:

  • meet your child/children and all of you

  • assess their skills and aptitudes by playing quick and easy games or activities

  • we follow the EYFS Standards to identify the next steps in your children learning development, depending on children's age

  • we check and analyze the resources and equipment available in your house

  • we'll discuss any needs and concerns that you may have regarding your children

After we gather all this information which it won't take more than an hour on a zoom meeting or half a day when we meet in person. Then we'll be able to produce a full report on your child's progress free of charge.

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As a working parent, you are, we give you plenty of time to evaluate your child's report, or maybe compare it with any previous school report that you may have and decide if you want to move further and take on our service

Our Homeschooling Service

Once a decision has been made, a staff member will start working on a daily routine for your child/children following their age group along with: 


Jumping Stars homeschooling service prices vary, depending on how many children you have, their ages and the hours/day you need our professional staff member to come and stay with your child/ or children.

Please contact us for more details and references about this type of service. We work with families all over London and try our best to provide a customized homeschooling programme together with individual children's daily routines for affordable prices.


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