Free Online Homeschooling Resources 2020

"BBC Bitesize is a free online study support resource designed to help with learning, revision and homework! Bitesize provides support for learners aged 5 to 16+ across a wide range of school subjects. It also supports children and young people's wellbeing and career choices."

"Enter ancient worlds, meet famous people and discover fascinating facts by exploring a wide selection of historical games and activities."

"Oxford Owl for Home is written especially for parents to help you be as well-informed as you can be, making sure you’re best equipped to help your child have the smoothest journey through school possible. From learning to read to understanding a tricky bit of maths, from the first day at school to making sense of exams, Oxford Owl can provide the important information you need when you need it. Written by leading experts in education, the site is full of advice and ideas to help you to help your child."

"I am Adit Arora, the original creator of this website and YouTube channel MakeMeGenius of the same name.

I live in Gurugram, India and currently study in high school at Shri Ram School

Here is the story how this website and my channel came into existence.

Here is the story of how this website and my channel came into existence.tunnel my home-work, I started taking the help of the internet for the same."

"Khan Academy Kids is a free, fun, educational app with thousands of activities and books for young children ages 2-7."

"FutureLearn offers you a powerful new way to learn online. Every course has been designed according to principles of effective learning, through storytelling, discussion, visible learning, and using community support to celebrate progress."


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