Setting up a Mobile Creche Business

Updated: May 11, 2020

I am often asked how exactly the idea of opening up Jumping Stars, my mobile creche company came to life. After all, opening up a mobile creche business probably isn’t something that everyone would think of as a preferred business idea.

For me, I can trace my business opening right back to my childhood and growing up with my family around me.

My Grandma was a teacher and a great one at that. I always enjoyed watching how much she cared about her job and the impact that she had on the children she taught. It was after spending time with her that I think that the passion for childcare became ignited in me, especially after I saw just what it meant to her.

It came to little surprise that as soon as I was old enough, that I started to work with children. When I was 16 this came in the form of many babysitting jobs. All of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved being able to sit and play with the children; interacting with them and ensuring that they had great fun whilst they were in my care.

I moved on from this and decided to become fully qualified in Childcare; of course, that I took hugely seriously. After completing my training I decided to start working in the area that I loved so much and got myself a job role in a church hall based pre-school setting. Not only did this allow me to look after the children and watch them grow and learn, but it also gave me invaluable experience too.

I would plan activities to do with the children and think about new games. I would set these up and then at the end of the day I would pack them all away again.

This work carried on for a number of years; until I realised that I could take these talents, that passion and turn it into a viable business.

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