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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Why offer childcare services at your networking event or conference?

When you are planning a business event or conference one of the last things that you are going to think about is childcare for the people attending. After all, this probably won’t seem like it should be something that you need to be worried about.

However, in reality, childcare services are definitely something that is worth thinking about. It could be a creche, it could be a child - friendly zone, or it could be a nanny or entertainer. The fact is, whilst they are an investment that you may worry that you can’t afford, they are definitely something that you should try and allocate within your budget.

Wondering why? To help to show you why we think it is a good idea, we have put together some of the reasons why childcare services are a great addition to your event.

They encourage more people to come

Childcare can be a real issue for some people and it is one of the main reasons why people don’t come to networking events or conferences. If you can offer childcare as a part of the afternoon, day or weekend, then chances are that you are really going to up your attendance numbers and make your entire event much more of a success.


It helps people to focus

Of course, another approach that you could take is to make your event child-friendly. Whilst this is great for those who are finding it hard to source their own childcare, this can mean that they lose focus during their time there. After all, you can’t concentrate on what you are supposed to be taking in if you are also trying to focus on your child. Having another option means that you can allow people to bring their child, but also allow them to focus on what they need to do.

It shows that you care and about a work/family balance

In these modern times, it has become all the more important to recognise how vital the work/life family balance is to us all. For a business, this shows your clients and of course your employees that you are the type of place that they want to work for, buy from and build a business relationship with. Something that is incredibly vital if you want to get ahead of your competitors and put your name at the forefront.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why it pays to invest in childcare services for your event. So, if you have the ability to, we definitely recommend making sure that you book in childcare, as this could make your event a success.


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