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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Jumping Stars working in partnership with charities

Here at Jumping Stars, we are dedicated to providing the very best mobile creche service. Whilst much of the work is in events, training courses and conferences, we also have undertaken some charity work recently.

We heard about Light Project Pro International and we wanted to be able to help them with their vision. Light Project Pro International is a charity that are dedicated to helping those who are at risk of being socially marginalised in their everyday life.

An educational charity, they are based in Islington and offer 14 different educational projects in one centre. It is their aim to ensure that local communities, particularly those that need some additional support to integrate themselves, have the support that they need.

Working with over 35 different origin companies, every single life that comes into contact with this charity is improved.

The classes range in type, there are the English language as well as Arabic language classes too. There is also a youth centre too whereby the children will be taught some valuable life skills such as cooking, science, history and IT.

Our work with Light Project Pro International

Recognising the great work that Light Project Pro International offer, we decided that we wanted to be able to do our bit and help them to achieve their vision and their goals. This is why we decided to bring our mobile creche to their educational workshops.

Whilst the parents are able to sit in the workshop and learn English as well as vital computer skills that can help them in their future lives, we provide a 4 hour mobile creche session for the children.

There are so many benefits to us providing our mobile creche services in this instance. The parents are going to be able to concentrate on their chosen workshops and ensure that they learn everything that they need.

They won’t have to worry about childcare and making sure that it is organised.

The children feel the benefit too.

Rather than having to go somewhere that they don’t know. They will be there with their parents (or at least in the same building) and they will be able to have lots of fun with all the toys and activities that we organise.

Want to know more about the work that we do with Light Project Pro International? Why not get in touch with us and find out more about what we can do?

We offer our mobile creche services for a range of events and we are sure that we can help you too!


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