Childcare in the modern age

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

The 1980s saw a significant rise in the divorce rate in the UK.

This meant that there were a considerable number of single-parent families of both genders. It became clear that childcare was of paramount importance to these people. However, workplaces were slow to respond to the growing need for childcare facilities. Now many workplaces offer childcare facilities so that their workers have a safe place to leave their children while they work.

Creche workers encourage shy children to interact with others and ensure all the children in their care are happy and interested in the activities they do. These are varied so that children don’t lose interest and become bored.

A parent who leaves his or her child in a creche is doing the child a huge favour. The experience will be a positive one as long as the parent ensures that the creche workers are adequately qualified.


Trained creche workers provide children with ample opportunities to develop and become socialised. Learning how to interact with others positively is essential for a well-rounded child.

Parents see the advantages of putting their offspring in creches, and so the demand for such services is growing.

If you are lucky enough to find a place in a creche for your child, then you will know what a relief it is not to have to rely on friends and relatives to look after your child while you are at work.

Now there are mobile creches for one-off occasions, such as weddings and receptions.

We can also provide creche facilities for corporate events, office parties, conferences and so on.


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