Rowing Club Creche Policy

Booking Terms:

When making a booking payment will be taken automatically.


Refund Policy:

No refund


Equal Opportunities:

Policy: Jumping Stars operates an equal opportunities policy. No child shall be excluded on the grounds of race, sex, religion or disability. Our team are also employed on the same principles.


Behaviour Policy:

Any child who is continually disruptive, in such a way as to prevent the other children from enjoying the facilities safely will have to be returned to their parents. This is in the extreme case where the staff have tried various methods to manage the child's behaviour and these methods have failed. Jumping Stars Ltd staff members do not use any form of punishment. Any behavioural issues are dealt with by distraction or discussion. 

Health and Safety:

We visit the venue beforehand and check the room for safety. We ask for the floor plan or a picture of the room/ venue where the creche will have a place and will also contact the personnel about the facilities they provide. We review the fire procedures and check the doors, exits and windows. The room is checked for all hazards.


During the day electric sockets are covered and hazardous objects are moved out of the way.


Parents have to complete a child profile on arrival so we have all the details about the child, e.g. any special needs or allergies, or medical conditions. 

The members will not be responsible for the administration of any medication, as it is a service that runs for a specific number of hours on the day of the event and if the parents are nearby, they can come and administer their children the specific medication.


All of our equipment is checked regularly and conforms to British Standards. We have a number of first aiders on our team and we always carry a first aid kit, we’ll take the children's temperature when they attend our creches to comply with Covid - 19 health and safety procedures. Will wash hands frequently and use a sanitiser after each activity. Face masks will be used if necessary. 

Food and Drink: 

We provide water and ask parents' permission to give this to their children. We do not provide milk - this must be prepared and provided by the parents. Any food must be provided either by parents or event caterers, and it is up to the parents/hosts to check the standard of the food/kitchen that is provided. 

Child Protection: 

All of our team are DBS checked and hold a valid First Aid Certificate. We do not allow any other adults into the crèche apart from the parents or hosts. The children will only be released to parents or to a nominated person who has been identified by a staff member.