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Why it is important to take time away from your child and how to do it

As a parent it is no secret that we are devoted to our children and that we want to spend as much time as possible with them. However, the thing to remember is that we are also our own people. We are still the people that we were before those children came along, that person can just get lost along the way.

Being a parent is never easy and it can sometimes feel that we simply cannot get away from our children, even if it is to go to the toilet in peace. However, as much as we would like to spend some time away from them, we feel guilty about it and just like we should try our best to spend as much time as possible with them.

Well, here at Jumping Stars we want to tell you that it is incredibly important to remember that you are your own person too. In fact, it is time to push that guilt aside and instead focus on yourself, if only for a few hours and here are some of the reasons why.

It makes you appreciate the time that you have with them

When you spend all your time with your kids it can be hard to appreciate those special moments. However, when you take yourself out of the home and out of the family unit, then you can really get away from all the things that you normally have to do. When you return back to being a parent, then you will feel refreshed and ready to be reminded of just why you love your kids as much as you do.

It reminds you of who you are

It can be all too easy to forget who you are when you are a parent. Sometimes you need to drag yourself away from your day to day duties and instead remember who you were all those years before. You can try and do this with your child around, but, to really make sure it works the best for you then you are going to need to try and move away from them a little.

It gives your child a touch of independence too

Our children love us, which means that they want to spend as much time as possible with us and in our care. There is nothing wrong with this and it shows that we are doing the right thing as parents. The only thing that can happen is that our children become a little dependant and reliant on us as their parents.

When your child has that little bit of time away from us, they can feel dependant on themselves or on someone else. Which will help them to remember that whilst they love us, that we are not their everything.

Find your escape from parental life

Now you know that it is not only okay to take some time away from your mummy or daddy status, but it is actually good for both you and your child. The time has come to find a way that you can escape. For some parents this could be a sports activity or a hobby, or perhaps it could be spending some time with your partner on a date night.

Here at Jumping Stars we work with couples who are getting married, we work with businesses and we work with venues too; all to offer our mobile creche services. With our help, you can offer those tired and worn out parents that are attending, the chance to escape and have a few hours by themselves, focused on having fun and knowing that their child is in safe hands, as well as that they are having the time of their life too.

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